Mercury, planet of intelligence and communication, is in Swati within the sign of Libra from Oct 30th to Nov 7th.

Swati is ruled by Vayu, the Wind God, which has a connection with intelligence, knowledge and the voice, and it rewards studying, teaching and the spreading of knowledge – all perfect for Mercury’s uses.

Practice sweet speech now, for persuasion and profit, and you are rewarded for truth-telling and saying the diplomatic thing. The Shakti, or special gift, here is the ‘Power to Disperse Like the Wind’, which can mean your mental seeds being scattered and growing, or else a rather chaotic way of thinking.

You are versatile and changeable, and take in new information easily, but it’s good to remain one-pointed and not be drawn into diverse areas where you lose your thread.

This asterism also has a natural connection with Ma Saraswati, devata of wisdom, so you express yourself in style, whether in creative work or giving and receiving excellent advice. You bring tact and balance to every situation and know whether to remain in an alliance, or go it alone.

You find the middle way in all controversy and may go through a struggle or disagreement which broadens your mind and makes you appreciate a new mental dimension. Swati brings you an underlying leadership quality too and after listening to everyone first, it is a relief to go your own way and commit to a position.

Mercury moves alongside romantic Venus and shadowy Ketu through this transit, which gives you powers of insight and intuition. Mercury thrives on attention to detail, but November 6th sees you reaching an answer from reading in between the lines.

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