Saturn moves into pada (part) one of Shatabhishak within the sign of Aquarius from August 22nd to October 15th 2023.

The planet of karma and success was in this nakshatra from mid-March to mid-April, and now you revisit that experience as part of Saturn’s retrograde phase. You may come at a challenge or obstacle from a different angle, or else an achievement you thought settled still needs some attention.

Shatabhishak is an asterism of mysticism and independent spirit, whose name translates literally to ‘one hundred physicians’, and its Shakti or special quality for Healing may see the return of a wellness or recuperation program.

This routine often takes longer than you expect, but you can also discover a new remedy to a persistent health matter. Pada One of Shatabhishak relates to Sagittarius navamsha, ruled by Jupiter, which creates an underlying philosophical quality and optimistic spirit alongside Saturn’s safety-first outlook.

You engage in debate over a belief system or the academic background to a form of health or diet, and emerge with a formal code or manifesto. Pada One of a nakshatra also relates to the Dharmic tendency in life, where right action in accord with your highest self leads to a positive and harmonious end result.

This pada’s subtle Jupiter-ruled tendency is to expand and trust in providence, which is a useful contrast to Saturn’s usual safety-first style. Shatabhishak’s symbol of an empty circle or horizon, has a mystical quality with scope for esoteric discussion, and an academic question you thought settled arouses your curiosity once again.

Saturn will pass through this nakshatra pada for a final time starting late November, where business you are confronting now finds its full resolution.

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