Mars, planet of action and competition, enters Ashwini in the sign of Aries on December 24th until January 22nd.

This nakshatra is on Mars’s powerful home territory and a perfect time if you need to make a sudden call or throw energy into a project to get the ball rolling. The Aries section of your chart is energized, you are bold and determined and break out of a period of vagueness and indecision. Ashwini is all about courage and flamboyance, and its symbol of the Horse shows speed and power, while its Shakti, or special power, is Quick Action.

You may wish to get speedily from place to place, or have a narrow time window to see your business over the line. Mars is your friend when you are up against a deadline, and you have the nerve to go for a job or relationship you thought out of reach before. Hasty moves are often not advisable, but Sattvic and Earthy in nature, Ashwini is known for good manners and charm, so you show grace under pressure and get ahead of the competition.

An intuitive conviction likely proves correct and making your mind up on the spot saves time and trouble. Still, jumping into the fray is not a substitute for knowing what you want and following a plan, so be careful of a too-rash decision. This asterism is lorded by the Ashvini Kumaras, the heavenly physicians, so there is also an association with healing and looking after people – entertaining is favoured now especially if you decide to throw an impromptu party.

Mars was in Ashwini already in August and September of 2020, before turning retrograde, and inspiration from that time may return again, where now you have the support and self-belief to make a complete go of it.

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