Venus, planet of art and relationship, is in Uttara Phalguni across the signs of Leo and Virgo from August 8th until 19th 2021.

Uttara shares its symbol of a Hammock with the previous asterism, Purva Phalguni, but cools down the egotistical tone and gives an even more easy-going and fun-loving nature. Venus finds you concerned with relationship and helping people, where you enjoy being in company and simply living for the moment.

Uttara’s Shakti is ‘Prosperity Through Partnership’ and Venus, of all planets, sits comfortably with this energy, giving the promise of a profitable alliance and generally benefitting from an exchange. Somebody either takes a personal shine to you, or sees your potential, but you find help and support without even trying.

Your world expands as you put the focus into your friends and associates, and you are super-popular with the minimum of effort. You flirt and take relationships as they come, though there’s a risk of being too cavalier in your approach and underestimating the depth of a scenario.

A romantic escapade starts out in light spirits but there is the potential for Venus to be trapped or get drawn into jealousy or other compromising situation. Yet you have no ulterior motives, and what you see is what you get – if anything you are guilty of naivety and not sensing someone else’s hidden agenda.

The higher side of this planet and nakshatra comes when you work all-out in someone else’s interest, either through charitable donation or awareness-raising for an excellent cause. Up to August 12th, Venus receives the daring and positive influence of both Mars and Jupiter, which gives you an open and adventurous romantic style and allows you seize the moment.

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