The Sun, planet of light and self, comes together in Cancer with Venus, planet of relating, from August 7th to 17th, 2023.

These two planetary enemies have contrasting natures, and make a challenge to balance Solar egotism and leadership skills with the Venusian desire for harmony and cooperation. At best, you can be caring and sensitive, with an instinctive understanding of people’s needs, where a friend or co-worker may open up to you with their troubles.

This may arrive at the expense of your own personal ambition, however, and you are conscious of a distraction when you wish to focus on strictly business. Sun and Venus both in Ashlesha give you excellent instincts, where you sense atmospheres and dynamics without needing to be told.

You can play the diplomatic game when called upon, and may appreciate a co-worker’s contribution and realize you can’t get to your goal on your own. Venus retrograde in Cancer brings up a scenario from the past, and any new face who appears may have a specific lesson or experience to reveal to you.

Possibly you have to get into the heart of a past dispute or misunderstanding before you can move on again with freedom and clarity. This transit reaches maximum power on August 15th and 16th, though Venus is wholly swallowed up in the Sun’s light at this point and a strong personality has an overwhelming or intimidating effect.

Any compromise you make to get ahead affects your sense of worth and attractiveness, and may leave you feeling rather invisible – so don’t try to hard far to please everyone.

The New Moon on August 16th adds extra strength to both Sun and Venus, and begins a phase of activity where there is a fresh focus on creativity and building your security.

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