Jupiter (in Gandanta) ~ From deep faith to instant action

Jupiter/ Guru, planet of wisdom, expansion and Dharma, enters the Gandanta zone between Pisces-Revati and Aries-Ashwini from April 8th to May 6th 2023.

This double-gap phase between fire and water signs and nakshatras gives your plans a conditional and unstable quality, and may take time to adjust to. The first degree of any fire sign gives the promise of breaking new ground, especially in impulsive, pioneering Ashwini, except there is no offer of an immediate result or exit route.

You may start a project pointing in one direction but end up being taken off course, as if by fate. Be careful of overreach and any desire or knowledge-quest in its early stages that is not ready to stand alone. Jupiter in the final pada of Revati up to April 22nd is doubly-strong, and favours a meditative, faith-oriented approach.

You believe in miracles and have a genuine certainty that events will simply work out for the best, and as a consequence, they often do. This is Jupiter at its finest, though Guru is also hemmed between smoky Rahu and cold, karmic Saturn at this point, which makes demands on all your powers of conviction.

Shifting into Aries on the 22nd, Jupiter mixes directly with Rahu also in Ashwini, where this nakshatra’s Shakti for Quick Action may tempt you to cut corners. Holding with Right Action is crucial, and keep your long-term Jupiterian vision in mind, even in the face of any temporary setback or delay.

You may feel initially that the brakes have been let off, but the Gandanta energy does not allow you to move forwards instantly. Think of this ‘knot-end’ zone as a bridge which you first have to cross over before laying down solid foundations.

Jupiter (in Revati) ~ Faith works a small miracle

Jupiter, planet of philosophy and expansion, is in pada (part) four of Revati, from April 8th to 22nd 2023.

This nakshatra translates to ‘The Wealthy’ and promises abundance and refined qualities, especially as Pada four of Revati also relates to Pisces navamsha, the underlying chart of relationship and good luck.

Jupiter vargottama is powerful in any event, but in its own sign gives you a reservoir of inner calm to tap into as you break your own boundaries and personal bests. You may not be able afterwards to explain how you achieved your goals, but still, use this transit to surprise yourself and be of extra help to other people.

Revati’s Shakti, or special power, ‘To Protect’, sees you motivated by a desire to support and provide your friends and family, and you also attract this quality from others.

Pushan, the defender of lost people and animals, is the ruling deity here, which enhances your charitable instincts and you may bond with someone through giving or receiving a caring gesture.

This pada’s doubly Jupiter-ruled sign influence gives you high expectations, bordering on naivety, and you have to back your vision up with work in the world and not simply pray for change.

Pada four of a nakshatra also relates to the Moksha tendency, which focuses on spirituality and liberation, so you have the perfect opportunity to practice yoga and meditation, and perhaps go on a spiritual journey or pilgrimage.

Stick to your best self, as Jupiter remains stuck between harsh Rahu and Saturn through this transit, demanding that you tune out any sceptical voices and concentrate on the real affirming impact you can make.

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