Venus, planet of romance and security, is in Sagittarius-Mula from October 30th to November 13th, the nakshatra associated with essentials and foundations.

Mula’s Shakti, or special gift, is ‘to ruin and tear apart’ and you can use this power creatively to clear out old attachments and let positive new energy in. The symbol here is a Root, which shows this asterism’s position at the astronomical centre of our Galaxy and also its nature to explore its issues deeply and thoroughly.

Venus is also the planet of money and luxuries, which sits strangely in such an ascetic nakshatra, but it’s time to sort out your ultimate values and decide what is important in your personal life. If not quite as simple as love versus money, you may still pass up regular frills and trappings in favour of quality time with someone you truly value.

Tread carefully, however, particularly in the first three days of this transit where Venus moves through the Gandanta knot zone between signs and nakshatras. There may be a clash of values in a partnership, but you can also find somebody new or breathe new life into an existing love affair.

At home or in business, it’s a good time to explore to drill down past superficial appearances and get into the heart of the matter. Mula is ruled by Nirriti who represents accidents and mishaps, and who is also identified with Goddess Alakshmi who governs shortage and privation.

So this is not the best time for indulgence or financial speculation, but more for stripping down and simplifying your lifestyle. Expressing yourself creatively now also comes more for the love of your art than for any financial or ego rewards.

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