Mercury, planet of thought and business, is in the nakshatra Swati within Libra from October 24th altogether until November 16th.

This period includes Mercury’s retrograde phase until November 3rd – a pivotal date for decision-making and awaiting the outcome of events. News and travel may be delayed until this point and business connected with Swati’s stylish and intellectual approach also affected. 

Keep your cool when making a purchase and don’t mind waiting for the right item at the right price. Swati is associated with classic Libran qualities: intellect, justice and forgiveness, and you may have been through a struggle or disagreement with someone and now decide where you are going with the relationship. 

You change position on an issue, bring tact and balance to every situation and know whether to remain in an alliance or collaboration, or go it alone. This nakshatra brings an underlying leadership quality too and despite listening to everyone first, it comes as some relief to make a final call. 

You can complain and campaign constructively for a cause, and this responsible quality makes you popular and easy to work with. Swati is ruled by Vayu, the Wind God, which has a connection with intelligence, knowledge and the voice, and it rewards studying, teaching and the dissemination of knowledge. 

There is an obvious connection with Ma Saraswati, devata of wisdom here too, so you express yourself in style whether in a creative work or simply keeping in touch from day to day. This is an excellent time to learn artistic techniques, spiritual knowledge and more advanced mantra-chanting. 

Swati’s Shakti, the ‘Power to Disperse like the Wind’, can mean seeds being sewn creatively, or else a rather scatterbrain way of thinking. Mercury also exchanges signs with Venus in Virgo through this whole transit, which gives you extra powers of creative diplomacy, seduction and the ability to sell.

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