The Sun, planet of light and the self, is in the nakshatra of Swati from October 23rd to November 7th 2020.

Libra is the Sun’s zodiac sign of debilitation, which may find you slightly indecisive, but an aspect from pushy, energetic Mars through this whole transit also lends you a bolder and more competitive edge. In general Swati brings a focus on fairness and balance, where you act as an ambassador or go-between, and relationship and art, justice and forgiveness also come to the fore. You have tact and diplomacy and the confidence to back your own judgement. 

Swati is ruled by Vayu, the Wind God, so there is an emphasis on voice – you may speak pleasingly or make a cogent argument, sing or do narration or voice-overs, but the quality of your speech is important. Breath is also associated with mantra-chanting and particularly pranayama, an excellent yogic technique, which it is advised to learn from an experienced teacher. 

The Sun has the effect of beaming light on an issue and you may discover a hidden talent or lost piece of information that serves you into the future. This nakshatra is also associated with Saraswati, Goddess of the Arts, so your creative ambitions are kindled and you uncover a latent artistic gift. 

The Sun gives you a sense of pride in your performance and you either showcase your skills or simply regard your whole life as your art. Swati’s Shakti or special power is to ‘Scatter like the Wind’, so you may be throwing out creative seeds and seeing what grows – nothing ventured, nothing gained. Still, this approach also requires focus so that it does not become ‘hit and hope’ where nothing ends up being consolidated. 

The Sun is with Mercury retrograde until November 3rd, which gives you a curious and questioning mentality, and the promise of speaking and communicating well.

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