Home is our sanctuary, our place of rest and nourishment in which we care for our family and watch them grow. It is at home that we work through our challenges, celebrate our wins and connect with our friends. A peaceful and happy home can provide a base for a balanced, fulfilled and prosperous life.

The traditional Indian system of architecture, Vastu Shastra, understands a house beyond the basic factors of location and size. It aims to create harmony between its inhabitants and their environment and to manage the energy within the space. In doing so it takes into account the various sources of energy, including solar and planetary energies, and focuses on aligning with the laws of nature. The five elements: earth, water, air, fire and space are honored, as are the fundamental directions of North, East, South and West.

The vastufy app gives you tips on how to align your home harmoniously with these forces. When you do, the way you feel and how you interact with others is positively affected, and your luck and prosperity grows.

Here are nine Vastu tips that can change your life for the better, and help you move towards health, happiness and good fortune!

Create the Perfect Center

According to Vastu, our home should be clean and uncluttered to allow the free-flow of energy. The center of the house, or Brahmasthan, is where the energy is strongest, and it is from this central point that energy is distributed to all directions of the home. It is therefore considered essential to keep this space free from objects and obstructions. Keep the heart of your home clear and clean so that the life force can flow freely, and your life runs smoothly.

Sleep with your Head towards the South or East

Vastu firmly states that you should not sleep with your head pointing towards the north. The north pole is the source of positive magnetic energy, and in our body we have positive polarity in our head. Like with magnets, bringing together the two positives causes them to repel, and as a result our blood circulation and digestion is disturbed. Sleeping in this direction is said to cause the iron in our body to coagulate in the brain, causing sleep difficulties, body aches and stress.

Sleeping with your head pointing South is beneficial, and is said to be the best type of sleep for health, lowering blood pressure, and promoting positive energy, wealth, prosperity, and harmony. Sleeping with our head in the East is also favorable and is said to enhance creativity and balance the bioenergies in our system.

The vastufy app can check the position of your bedroom within your home and give you tips on how to position your bed to create harmony and promote restful sleep.

Place Your Mirrors Wisely

It is important to ensure mirrors are clean, and not broken or chipped. Oval, circular or irregular shaped mirrors should be avoided, and instead prefer square and rectangular mirrors which reflect and spread the energy evenly. Aside from the washroom and dressing table, a great place to keep a mirror is in the dining room opposite the dining table where you have family meals. As the whole family is reflected in the mirror, this enhances love and togetherness and can improve family relationships.

Old Electronics - Out!

Whilst it’s ok to upgrade your phone or laptop regularly, it isn’t a good idea to keep old, disused electronic items stuffed in drawers and cupboards in your house, as damaged devices create negative energy.

Astrologically speaking, unused and broken electronics like old batteries, chargers and phones invite the energy of Rahu and Ketu, the lunar nodes, into your home. These two energies together can be mischievous and, as well as creating restlessness, can cause trouble relating to your health, relationships or even finances.

Air, Light and Color

In Vastu, sunlight is an important element of a house. The Sun brings positivity and is a source of good health. Ensure that light and air are able to move through your home. Every morning, open all the curtains and ventilate your home by opening your windows, at least for a few minutes. Not only will this clear away the cobwebs, it’ll help harmonize your home and, in turn, your life.

Every direction has a selection of colors which can bring out the positive effects from that direction, based on the element the direction is governed by. The vastufy app helps you overcome energetic defects in your home by suggesting which colors to use in the different zones of your home.

Light a Candle Daily

Lighting a diya (lamp) or candle daily is a simple, sacred ritual you can do to energize the fire element in the home. In a spiritual sense this act brings light into darkness and burns away the negative tendencies in the mind and the wrongdoings of the past. For good health it is best to light a red candle in the South-East direction, the Fire zone. Doing so also creates a zest for life, and helps with relationships and earning money through work. If someone at home is unwell, keep a burning candle in their room until their health improves.

In Vedic astrology, a great remedy for any negative influence of Saturn is to light a sesame oil lamp on Saturdays, the day ruled by Saturn. The align27 app can tell you exactly which ritual to do during different planetary transits that affect you, based on your own birth chart.

Sea Salt to Absorb Negativity

A simple yet effective way to remove negative energy is to have a small bowl of uncrushed sea salt in your home. Just as the salt in sea water has a balancing effect on our subtle body, leaving a small bowl of sea salt in the house is a remedy for Vastu dosh (energy imbalance). Make sure you replace the salt in the bowl every alternate day. The vastufy app will tell you which room you should leave the salt in for maximum benefit, based on the layout of your own house. When you mop your floor you can also add a little sea salt to the water.

Fix Your Leaks Fast

The water element denotes financial growth and leaking taps signify leaking finances. As soon as you notice leaking taps in your property, fix them immediately to avoid a negative effect on your finances.

Meditate in the North East

The North-East is one of the most important directions of the house and is the ideal place to keep a deity or to meditate. The North East is ruled by Lord Sadashiva who brings us the highest knowledge and is connected to the planet Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and expansion. This direction helps in spiritual growth, gain of knowledge and mental wellbeing. Meditating in this part of your home brings you the good effects of this direction.

There are specific mantras that you can chant to eliminate imperfections and enhance the positive energy of a particular direction. The vastufy app tells you which mantra to chant according to the layout of your own home.

You can download the vastufy app to get a ‘score’ for your property based on the placement and direction of each of your rooms, according to the Vastu principles. Practical remedies then guide you to improve and increase your Vastu score by harnessing the maximum potential of natural energies and combating the flaws.

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