Saturn, planet of boundaries, work, and success, is in the third pada of Uttara Ashada, in the sign of Capricorn from November 20th to December 24th, 2020.

This is a repeat of Saturn’s transit in the Summer, from mid-June to early August 2020, and issues from that time may return into your life and be addressed. As always with Saturn, consolidate your gains, write off your losses, and meet a repeat challenge with new resolve.

Uttara’s Shakti or unique gift is for ‘Unchallenged Victory’, so a role or station may come to you without apparent effort, though the real work was put in before. Anything that falls into your hands now is richly deserved, whether you realize it or not, and brings with it new responsibility and leadership promise.

Uttara Ashada pada three equates to Aquarius navamsha – the relationship and spirituality chart – which makes Saturn doubly strong through a blend of career status and visionary affirmation. A political or humanitarian framework gives you an extra scope and joining together with people of like mind sees new growth and promotion. A generous and public-spirited attitude is key to victory yet you can still reward yourself and take the longer strategic view.

Uttara Ashada is a smart and diplomatic asterism, ruled by the Ten Vishwadevas, the personification of sattvic qualities and nobility, while its symbol of the elephant’s Tusk stands for intuition and insight. So while your moves are all practical and businesslike, you can rely on your instincts for a 50-50 call.

Saturn is joined in this nakshatra pada by expansive Jupiter, from December 8th, which creates double-energy and the promise of making a real and lasting statement. A decision you make at this time has long-term repercussions, so choose wisely.

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