Mercury is retrograde in Virgo from September 10th to October 2nd.

This medium-length, medium-slow retrograde of twenty-two days falls in a practical earth sign like all 2022’s other Mercury retro phases. Now in its strongest sign of Virgo, Mercury gives the promise for smart and detailed thinking, and you the ability to unravel a long-standing problem.

This process may take longer than expected, with complications and delays in communication, so be careful of making a complete overhaul of any project. Remember to leave extra time to travel and back up your data in any event, and save a copy of your original idea before switching to Plan B.

An idea you have already thought up undergoes intensive road-testing, but any entirely new scheme may prove incomplete by the end of this window. Mercury receives the direct gaze of philosophical Jupiter during this transit, so your task is to strip your thinking down and focus on essentials.

Jupiter’s influence gives you an adventurous streak and a helicopter-eye view, but can also make you careless and over-ambitious. Expect to be managing your budget, where the temptation is to grab an offer while it is presented –  but the general advice is to window-shop and do your research, before a solution arrives as Mercury goes direct.

Mercury also moves alongside diplomatic Venus in Virgo by September 24th, which gives your thought and speech extra charm and flair. This time period may be useful to handle someone special who re-enters your world for a time, or else you are extra-persuasive at work and inject new creativity into your thinking.

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