From January 1st to 7th, Venus, planet of love and luxury moves from
Scorpio-Jyeshta to Sagittarius-Mula.

This is the Gandanta knot between water and fire signs and also the gap between nakshatras, a double ‘sandhi’ that makes this area unsupported and have somewhat of a fated quality. Venus goes from the passion and intensity of Scorpio to the expansion and generosity of Sagittarius, and your relationships likewise go from emotion and possessiveness into a broader and more open mode.

The pressure to support and be there for somebody gives way to a more independent romantic vision, though best still to take things slowly during this transition. You might see the return of an ex, or a dynamic within your relationship you had promised yourself to leave behind. Jyeshta is The Elder, where you take responsibility for others and its symbol of the Umbrella or Talisman shows you giving support and protection.

Mula is spacier and more otherworldly, where you look for a soulmate on a philosophic and spiritual level. You may start by taking the initiative with someone, given Jyeshta’s Shakti of ‘Courage in Battle’ and end up in a quite different attitude with Mula’s special power to ‘Ruin and Destroy’. These two nakshatras are sharply at odds and both have an unpredictable ‘wild-card’ quality – this Gandanta zone is in many ways the most volatile of all, and people may be confused by your messages.

Raise your awareness of sending romantic signals which are contradictory or change suddenly, or else for a partner to be acting out of character which forces you to adjust. Your artwork and creativity get a new influence that makes its completion more complex, though the stark contrast in tone can also be stimulating. In a personal sense it’s probably better to be on the side of caution, not to offer too great a relationship promise, and perhaps to wait until after January 7th to make your move.

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