Mars, planet of energy and competition, is in the nakshatra of Chitra, half in the zodiacal sign of Virgo and half in Libra from October 11th until October 31st.

Chitra translates to ‘the brilliant’ and its symbol of a shining jewel speaks to the star’s brightness in the sky, which sees you drawn to both precious materials and colourful people. You have natural skill and handicraft and the ability to work smart as well as hard.

The initial Virgo part of Chitra gives you brains and a strategic approach to your plans, while the Libra section sees you working and fighting with diplomacy and persuasion. You are also an effective campaigner, and taking up a crusade brings others along with you to the benefit of all concerned.

This nakshatra is ruled by Vishwakarma, the celestial architect, where Mars has an affinity, when you channel your energy into a creative program of building. You have vision and physical stamina to do your best, and can execute a big project according to a carefully thought-out scheme.

Presenting yourself well gets you a hearing in most circles and people like to know there is substance behind your obvious style. Chitra’s Shakti is the ‘power to collect merit’, so make sure you stay within the lines in your dealings, even though your road may be longer this way.

Taking up a cause on somebody else’s behalf earns you credit, and fighting fair also makes a positive outcome with the minimum of future consequence.

Mars moves closely alongside the all-powerful Sun during this whole transit, which gives you pride in your ability to lead, though be prepared to work subtly and only take credit after the event for your efforts.

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