Mercury, planet of intelligence and communication, turns retrograde in Capricorn-Uttara Ashada on December 29th, and then reverses into Sagittarius by New Year’s Eve 2022.

Of three Mercury retrograde spells in a year this one is of medium duration, with the planet moving relatively quickly and avoiding the biggest retro delays and confusion. Still, it is best to prepare for the unexpected and to devote extra time to editing and double-checking.

Up-front investment on a media professional may be money well spent, and you should be ready for any book, website or PR/ sales project to go over an extra hurdle before its release. Likewise, back up your data and wait until after Mercury direct on January 18th to commit to a purchase or binding contract.

Your travel plans may also be affected, and it is smart to allow extra time for your journey and remain flexible on your choice of destination. You may positively welcome the second chance brought by this transit: Uttara’s Shakti for ‘Uncontested Victory’ favours careful negotiation, and you may need a repeat offer to fulfil its promise of an apparently preordained win.

Mercury retrogrades into Purva Ashada by January 5th, a nakshatra known for its powers of debate, which may find you getting into arguments and discussing big ideas among your circle. If you are campaigning or complaining, make sure you are across all the details, and that no retrograde effects spring back on you.

Mercury is also under the glance of dynamic Mars through this transit, peaking on January 16th, which increases your deadline stress and competitive mental drive. Channel this energy into your arguments, and resist any pressure to push you into a quick decision.

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