Are you tired of bickering over small small things with your partner or a loved one Or find that whenever you speak you just don’t get your way?

Introducing the concept of Hora!

Every hour of the day is ruled by a planet and according to the characteristics of the ‘ruling’ planet, you can determine the ‘quality’ of that time period, as you’ll be experiencing the ‘natural energy’ of the ruling planet.

For example, you may feel agitated for no reason at all, that’s because Mars is at play, or perhaps you’re feeling expansive and optimistic, that could be due to Jupiter’s influence, or maybe you’re feeling stuck, then it’s likely Saturn has something to do with it.

In align27‘s Together module we map your birth chart with your partner’s and tell you your common prime times and times to avoid each other!

Hora plays an important part in this.

With just a tap, you can see which planet is running the show for your significant other at any given moment.

For example. I’m checking my Together module now as I write and it says that both my husband and I are in Mercury Hora (which would be the case as we’re in the same city) – that means that it’s a good time to speak to him about things related to business or medicine / our health, for learning and teaching each other, studying together and in general for communicating with each other.

It’s always good to check your loved one’s hora before making any major moves. If you don’t, you might just catch them at the wrong time and end up in a hot mess!

By observing and becoming aware of this incredible ancient science you can get out of, or handle tricky situations quicker and leverage off the ‘better’ hours and we give you guidance on the app on how to make the most of the hour or where to tread with caution.

With the align27 app, you can check their hora and avoid any planetary disasters!

Harnessing the power of planetary hours can help you make better decisions and use your energy more effectively.

Here are some tips on how you can best use the hour when the planet is ruling:

During Sun Hora, get ready to feel like a superhero with a heightened sense of vitality and leadership.

You’ll be full of vitality, confidence, and leadership. It’s the perfect time to show off your power moves and take charge. Just watch out for arrogance and excessive focus on material success, or you might turn into a total Sun-monster. 

Moon Hora will make you feel like a nurturing guru.

When the Moon is in charge, get ready for a wild ride of emotions and intuition. It’s a great time for self-care, emotional healing, and creative expression. But beware of excessive mood swings and emotional instability, or you might turn into a lunar-tic.

Mars Hora will have you ready to take on the world (or at least your to-do list).

During Mars Hora, you’ll be bursting with energy, ambition, and action. Get ready to take on the world and make things happen! But be careful not to let your impulsive behavior turn into conflicts or accidents, or you might end up on Mars alone.

Mercury Hora is perfect for signing contracts and using your brainpower.

Mercury Hora is all about communication, intelligence, and mental agility. It’s a great time for studying, writing, and conducting business transactions. Just don’t let misunderstandings and miscommunication get the best of you, or you might end up speaking gibberish.

Jupiter Hora will have you feeling like you hit the jackpot.

Jupiter Hora brings a sense of optimism, abundance, and growth. It’s the perfect time to learn, teach, and seek mentorship. But watch out for overconfidence and greed, or you might end up as the ruler of your own tiny planet.

Venus Hora is all about indulging in beauty and pleasure, but watch out for the potential overindulgence.

Venus Hora is a time for harmony, creativity, and pleasure. Indulge in artistic pursuits, spend time with loved ones, and appreciate the beauty around you. Just don’t let overindulgence and extravagance lead to unhealthy relationships, or you might end up Venus fly-trapped.

During Saturn Hora, get ready to feel like you’re stuck in molasses with delays and obstacles, but hey, it’s a great time for self-reflection!

Saturn Hora brings a sense of delay, detachment, and seriousness. It’s a time for focus, patience, and persistence, but beware of feelings of depression and loneliness. Keep calm and carry on, or you might end up as a Saturn-sad sack.

Harnessing the power of planetary hours can help you make better decisions and use your energy more effectively.

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