The Sun, planet of light and self-expression, is in Uttarashadha between January 11th and 24th, the nakshatra that spans the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Uttara’s nature is polished, educated and diplomatic, and its Shakti, or unique gift, for ‘Unchallenged Victory’, sees you putting work in at the start of an enterprise which promises ultimate success.

This nakshatra also carries the promise of popularity and many friends, and is ruled by the Ten Vishwadevas, the embodiments of merit and fine quality, so you can join or form a team and make a win-win deal.

The symbol here of the elephant’s Tusk is associated with Ganesha, devata of success, and chanting his mantra at the start of any auspicious activity removes obstacles from your path. The Sun also shines light wherever it lands and its journey gives you new insight into a hidden or unexplored area of your life and work.

You can put new energy into your creativity and find a sense of adventure: enjoy the process wherever you are working and stay in the moment. The Sun moves into the Capricorn part of this asterism by January 15th, where it joins Saturn, planet of karma and success.

Both these planets are markers of time, and you become very aware of your long-term investment in a job or relationship, and impatient for success to come immediately. Raise your sights and take on a truly ambitious long-term project, where your time and talents are best used. Pick the right target and your progress seems easy, almost fated, and people want to see you succeed.

This allows you to work most effectively, and embodies the true meaning of Uttara, where victory arrives unchallenged in the end.

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