Mars, planet of energy and dynamism moves into the Gandanta zone between water and fire zodiacal signs and nakshatras from 11th to 21st January.

There is a sharp contrast between the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, and Jyeshtha and Mula, and any planet moving through this border region feels a sense of adjustment with a definite unsupported quality. Attempting something new may not be advisable, as you feel on unfamiliar turf and are unsure of total or unquestioning support.

Jyeshtha’s Shakti is for ‘Courage in Battle’ and Mula’s is to ‘Ruin and Destroy’, a potentially volatile contrast which stresses the need to tread carefully. Mars in Scorpio is powerful in its own sign, and gives you the energy to assert yourself, especially if you are in ambitious mode or your back is to the wall.

Though not openly confrontational, you take note of everything that happens and are not about to be pushed around. Mars in Jyeshtha also keeps you aware of undercurrents between people and in atmospheres, and you may use subtle psychological warfare when pushing your goals.

Moving through the exact Gandanta zone, Mars emerges in otherworldly Mula by January 17th, where you are more concerned with arriving at core values than being openly rewarded. Mula makes you a crusader after truth, a purist and explorer, looking to get down into the roots of your subject or calling.

You are more open and less intense, though with unusual motivations. Mars does best when you keep busy and you achieve harmony between these two nakshatra energies by researching and uncovering hidden knowledge, or understanding more about your relationship dynamics.

Keeping the brakes on goes against Mars’s natural impulses, but edging slowly into a new field is a good use of your powers.

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