Venus, planet love, luxury, and the arts is in Swati in the sign of Libra from November 22nd to December 3rd, 2020.

enus’s passage through its own sign sends a message of evenness and balance in a relationship, and now you have charm and bargaining power on your side.

Swati is associated with mildness and intellect, justice and forgiveness; sweet, subtle qualities, where Venus powerfully placed gives you great promise. You bring tact and diplomacy to any tense situation, along with the confidence to back your own judgement.

Your people skills are all-round enhanced and you handle romantic situations in style – moonlit walks, candlelit dinners, this is the romantic placement par excellence, and a shared love of the arts also brings you together with somebody new.

Swati’s airy nature shows a flexible, changeable style and you are ready to adapt in a love affair for the sake of peace – as long as your compromise doesn’t give too much away. Expect to be called on to mediate in your friends’ relationship issues too, where your sense of balance and fairness is an asset: you might try a little match-making as well.

Campaigning for justice is another big issue, and your impartiality in a work dispute sees you brokering an agreement between competing factions. Swati is ruled by Vayu, the Wind God, which has a connection with intelligence, knowledge, and the voice, and it rewards studying, teaching, and mantra chanting. This nakshatra also has an affinity with Ma Saraswati, devata of wisdom and the arts, so your creative pursuits get a boost – you can revive a project and express yourself in style.

Venus is under the gaze of Saturn, the planet of fate and ambition, during this transit so dressing for success sends a signal, and you also sense someone has come into your life for a specific purpose.

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