Rahu, the shadow planet of rebellion and desire, enters the fourth pada of Rohini, within the sign of Taurus on January 27th, where it stays until March 30th.

Taurus is a strong sign for Rahu, and Rohini is one of the truly auspicious nakshatras, famous for looks and charm, a romantic nature and links with planting and agriculture. Its Shakti, or special power, is ‘To Grow All Things’, and even with Rahu’s offbeat style, plans flourish in this asterism and you can make good contacts.

Pada Four of Rohini is ruled by Cancer navamsha – the chart of relationship and spirituality – so this area has an additional domestic quality where you attend to health and emotional wellbeing. This is a good transit for all things around the home, both from a security and an aesthetic side, and you have a flair for furnishings and décor, as well as hospitality and making people feel comfortable.

Rohini is a classically feminine asterism, associating with luxuries, style and leisure, so giving your home five-star treatment is well favoured. Rahu sees you doing things differently, where you have strong desires and may surprise people with your decisions and emotional responses.

Matters around family and particularly mother – either your birth mother or your own nurturing side – are highlighted and you may have to deal with uncomfortable feelings from the past. Accept that not everything family-related is easy and smooth, but your willingness to experiment and try a new approach is at the heart of getting more grounded and secure.

Rohini is associated with romantic pursuits too, so you may be spending time at home with your partner, or entertaining with the intention to influence and impress.

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