Venus, planet of love and luxury, is in Ashlesha in the sign of Cancer, from July 6th to 17th.

Known as the Clinging Star, Ashlesha is an intense portion of Cancer and its symbol of a coiled serpent gives you keen insight into character and potential for cunning moves.

The presiding devatas here are The Nagas, the divine shape-shifting race of cobras, which are equally venomous, protective and tenacious, and the snake’s potent, hypnotic eyes show you probing for peoples’ weaknesses and wrangling to get what you want.

This is an emotional transit for Venus, where you give care and maternal-type affection, and pay attention to all domestic matters. You may uncover manoeuvres from others, along with secret romantic liaisons, sexual jealousy and psychological game-playing.

If you receive attention or flattery, check the giver’s motivation, and be wary of anyone cultivating an association for political advantage. Ashlesha’s Shakti is ‘to inject venom’, and you should be aware of your own capabilities, as well as being generally mindful to avoid toxic relationships.

The Serpent symbolism is also associated with the kundalini energy at the base of the spine, and is linked to Lord Shiva, who is depicted with a cobra wound around his neck. The Ashlesha serpent may be wise and Sattvic, and you find worldly people with knowledge to share, or even a brief lesson in love that destroys illusions and leaves you stronger and wiser.

Venus moves closely together with dynamic Mars through this transit, which may see you attracting extra attention, or giving you the romantic courage to start over again or make a rebirth in your relationship.

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