Mercury, planet of thought and speech, is placed in Ardra nakshatra, in the sign of Gemini from July 12th to 20th.

This period puts the emphasis on investigation and examining facts and diverse information, where you are emotionally invested, but detached and clinical when required. Mercury in its own sign gives you strength and clarity of mind, and you dive deep into a subject on a mental and emotional level.

Ardra’s ruler, Rudra the Storm God is an incarnation of Shiva, and rules a downpour in the literal sense, but also inner tempests and psychic upheaval. Mercury and Gemini are the embodiments of rationality, but this asterism often becomes overwhelmed with emotion, and the slightest trigger now can tip your feelings over.

Deep talk, sharing ideas or just simple conversation provoke a strong response, and Ardra’s symbol, a Teardrop, sees you being immersed in empathy, anger or sentimentality. Yet you can steel yourself for a tough task or deliver a difficult decision, and Mercury here can be positively clinical: you can cut away and remove a problem in your relationship or at work, without a second thought.

This contrast between your mind and emotions confuses people around you who sometimes cannot understand your responses – this is the classic Gemini duality. Ardra’s Shakti, or special power, is for Effort, and this is a good time to burn midnight oil in pursuit of your studies or a task that needs to be completed to deadline.

Mercury is also squeezed between Mars and Rahu, harsh influences which leave you feeling unsupported in your speech and attempts to be understood. Choose your words carefully, and let some people’s remarks and messages pass you by without being fooled.

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