Rahu, the shadow planet of desire and rebellion, enters Bharani nakshatra pada two in the sign of Aries from Oct 18th to Dec 19th 2022.

Bharani means ‘she who bears’, and its symbol of a Vulva is associated with giving birth, either in actually bearing children or else hatching creative ideas. Pada two of Bharani falls in Virgo navamsha, which adds a discriminating Mercury-ruled energy to its fiery sign placement.

Rahu is strong in this underlying sign, where you can balance the shadow planet’s desire-driven excesses with a cool head and practical intelligence. Your quest for change and the exotic is focused around deals and making contacts, where you take steps to break out of the mundane and ordinary.

You can express different ideas and break into taboo areas, and your ideas get an injection of new energy. Bharani also has a symbolic motherly quality, and you may find an unexpected person coming to you for emotional support, or new inspiration when their conventional ideas come up short.

The Shakti, or unique gift, of this asterism, the Power to Carry Things Away, sees you picking up an idea or concept and running with it, taking your thinking in a new direction. Yama, Lord of Death, is the ruling devata here, which sees you eliminating one ambition completely before moving on to another, and feeling positively transformed in the process.

There is a pair of eclipses during this transit, in particular the Lunar Eclipse in Bharani on November 8th 2022, and a detached and mindful approach is useful at this emotionally-charged time. Still, try to remain open to any sudden opportunities that arise.

Rahu is also flanked by pushy Mars and optimistic Jupiter through this whole period, which gives you mixed influences: you feel driven and impulsive, while also having an outlook that takes the positive from all situations.

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