Mars, planet of power and assertiveness, comes together with Rahu, the shadow planet of desire, altogether between February 22nd and April 14th.

Both planets are in Rohini nakshatra, up to March 29th, where Rahu in particular is strong and brings you a stable and practical base for your ambitions. Yet Mars also agitates Rahu’s naturally rebellious nature and raises deeply-held desires that have remained buried but not forgotten.

A tempting offer may fulfil its promise and you are given an unexpected boost or windfall, but you can also become anxious over small details that would not usually bother you. It’s tempting to take the shortest route in business and do whatever it takes to succeed, but a restless approach can lead to entanglements and arouse opposition.

In a relationship, your partner may trigger you into an argument, or behave irrationally and unpredictably, and you bite back without thinking. Rahu’s reasoning power is often skewed or illogical, so it only takes the tiniest impulse for you to be misled or get into an unnecessary dispute.

Try to keep calm and rational, and acting as the peacekeeper now gets you rewards later on. Make sure your deals are above-board and there are no hidden conditions that swing back on you later.

Instead, you can look for a new or innovative solution to a long-standing problem, or be open to different thinking when the traditional approach hasn’t worked. Mars gives you the energy to go the extra mile and in Taurus you remain patient and persevering, and stick with the mission until all your business is complete.

This transit reaches maximum intensity between March 24th and 30th, so take a deep breath and be ready to make a mini-revolution.

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