February 1 - 13

Mercury, Sun Conjunction (in Capricorn) ~ Taking pride in your ideas

Mercury, planet of the mind, comes together in Capricorn with Sun, star of self-expression, from February 1st to 13th 2024.

Sun and Mercury create Budhaditya Yoga, a combination for study, public speaking and business skill, which you put to your advantage. You take pride in your communication and have more ego than usual invested in persuading others and getting things done your way.

Capricorn is not a friendly sign for the Sun, so you may have to work harder at maintaining confidence, and it’s also harder to take instructions if you feel you are the one who should be in charge. Mercury, however, is comfortable in this sign, where you deal in hard facts and details, and find a practical solution for every problem.

The risk comes when your thinking is stubborn and entrenched, and you don’t listen to anyone else’s ideas. It’s part of a leadership role to take responsibility, but otherwise, try to remain open and encouraging.

Sun-Mercury together also have a rather subjective outlook, where you may need a friend or partner to give you a more detached and rational view. These two planets remain far enough apart through this transit not to interfere with each other’s expression, and Mercury keeps its ability to think and speak clearly.

From February 1st to 6th, however, Sun and Mercury are squeezed between Mars and Saturn, and a cherished idea or plan goes through its first public contact. Keep the faith if you come under scrutiny, and try not to take any criticism personally.

Your outlook is realistic and you’re likely to have a fall-back option for any situation, as long as you don’t ignore your original inspiration.

February 5 - 13

Sun, Mars Conjunction (in Capricorn) ~ Fight for your ambition

The Sun, planet of soul and identity, comes together with dynamic Mars in Capricorn from February 5th to 13th 2024.

Mars enters Capricorn in the nakshatra of Uttarashadha, while Sun is already deep into the sign, in Shravana, and then Dhanishta by February 7th. Remaining far apart allows each planet to express their energies freely, while they also combine their tough and realistic influence.

Sun and Mars are planetary friends, and Mars is also in its exaltation sign, which gives you a steady flow of initiative that lasts the course. You identify closely with your battles at this point and may be motivated to fight for a cause you believe in.

Speak up if you have something to say, and an assertive approach handled the right way makes people notice and appreciate you. Your courage and confidence catch the eye of talent-spotters, but you also have to keep cool if a plan doesn’t come together immediately.

Capricorn favours a long-term strategic goal, but you are impatient to get results, and your frustration may overflow if business is slow or unprofessional. This may see tension with co-workers, where your rush to get along conflicts with other people’s interests, and arouses competition.

You get up earlier and work harder than anyone else, but also expect to be rewarded, and may let bosses know it. Put your hand up for extra hours and take the lead in a project where you can operate independently.

February 11th is a moment to strike a balance between your own interests and keeping in favour with friends and colleagues. You can put energy into your social life too, and making the first move with an introduction or invitation promises success.

February 5 - 20

Mercury, Mars Conjunction (in Capricorn) ~ Speaking truth to power

Mercury, planet of thought, is conjunct with assertive Mars in Capricorn from February 5th to 20th 2024.

This transit is a continuation of these planets’ conjunction in their previous sign last month, and takes on a more practical and professional tone. An idea may have been in the planning stage recently, or you studied the background of a business decision, but now take a leap into the real world.

Mercury and Mars are planetary enemies, which may ignite an argument or underlying tension, and you air your opinion in public. Somebody speaks in a moment of enthusiasm or ambition, and you have to fact-check their words later on.

Mars is at its strongest in Capricorn, however, and your flair for mechanics, admin and research makes a positive difference. This is an excellent time for last-minute study and cramming information for an academic article or exam situation.

You can be up-front, and even issue your orders, and a competitive quality to your thinking brings a quicker solution to any problem. Be careful of being too blunt or critical, however, especially if you bear the responsibility for an outcome and its success or failure.

Speaking too soon, or going all-in on the wrong option brings a reaction you have to untangle yourself from. Don’t cut corners, and allow for everybody’s opinion before making the final call. Capricorn is interested in real-world results, and may sacrifice a principle to bring a job home to deadline and budget.

From February 13th, you have an extra diplomatic talent, and saying the right thing gets your ideas pushed through more easily.

February 12 - 13

Sun, Venus Conjunction (in Capricorn) ~ Seize a quick romantic moment

The light-giving Sun and Venus, planet of relationship, come together in Capricorn on February 12th and 13th 2024.

Sun is leaving Capricorn in Dhanishta, while Venus is entering the sign in Uttarashadha, so these two planetary enemies remain far enough apart to act in their own powerful and independent ways. Venus is not combust by the Sun and retains its power of charm and diplomacy, and you may feel more friendly and forgiving on these dates.

This is a very short transit, which you can target for bringing people together or perhaps making a romantic pitch or proposal. Ahead of Valentines’ Day, February 14th, you may be looking around for a date night or shopping for a gift.

You have pride invested in your performance and reputation, and it matters to you how people see you. You may go all-out to repair relations, reach out to people and create more, and this is also an excellent moment for your self-expression.

You either begin a new artistic venture or release a project out into the world, at a good time for a creative collaboration. Bringing someone else in on a venture sees you achieving more than you can on your own. You look good, invest in your appearance, and in Capricorn especially, create a stylish and timeless professional image.

Mercury and Mars are also close by in Capricorn at this point, which makes a complex overall picture. You are tactful and compromising on one hand, but also impulsive and direct, with a sense of a definite target and end-result for your efforts.

February 12 - 20

Mercury, Venus Conjunction (in Capricorn) ~ The right words at the right time

Mercury, planet of the mind, and Venus, planet of relationship, come together in Capricorn from February 12th to 20th 2024.

This pair of planetary friends meet in a friend’s sign and create an excellent transit for harmonious speech, all with a practical purpose. You find the right words for a political situation and can step up in a professional way, taking responsibility in a dispute and being the voice of diplomacy.

Take advantage of any opportunity and even cultivate certain people if you think they can help you. A work situation may only be around for a short time, so make the most of your luck and fortune stretches out for longer. This is also an opportunity for romance, where you have a long-term outlook and present yourself as someone to rely on.

You may have to overcome shyness or find the right moment at first, but somebody is impressed that you put so much work into making your proposal. Mercury and Venus together favour writing and laughs, with a dry and understated sense of humour.

You can write and campaign effectively, all to a good fixed purpose, and the Saturn rulership of this conjunction gives you an organized and grown-up way of thinking. You have serious purpose, do your homework and research, and your ideas stand the test of time.

You can refer back to plans from this transit and still get benefit from them. Be careful on February 19th and 20th that you don’t speak too soon and commit to a plan that you later have to row back on. Argue your point firmly, but leave yourself room to manoeuvre.

February 12 - March 7

Venus, Mars Conjunction (in Capricorn) ~ A smart romantic strategy

Venus and Mars, the planets of war and peace, love and desire, come together in Capricorn from February 12th to March 7th 2024.

Though having an affinity for relationship, this transit is a match-up between planetary enemies, where you try to maintain harmony, while being driven by desire. Venus and Mars stay close to each other throughout and affect each other strongly, with Mars especially powerful by sign, giving you extra impetus to reach out to people.

There may be a particular person you want to get close to, or a group or circle you seek to associate yourself with. In Capricorn, you are aspirational, and put the work in on improving your look or prospects, or meeting the requirements for a special club.

You are forward and proactive, and make positive steps rather than sit back and wait for an invitation. Make sure you remain polite and polished, however, and don’t become too aggressive in your pursuit, or you may have the opposite effect.

Jealousy can easily arise with this combination, and you need to be mindful of your behaviour and the messages you send out.  From February 21st to 25th especially, your desire to win people over is very strong, and you may seek a romantic conquest.

An overwhelming physical chemistry overrides your usual reserve, and leads you into a situation which later gives you second thoughts. This transit can also bring strong signals and attention from the outside, and you are put in a situation where you are expected to react.

Channelling your energy into creativity is a good way to handle Venus and Mars, and you do excellent work which you chase up with smart self-promotion.

February 13 - March 14

Sun, Saturn Conjunction (in Aquarius) ~ Pass a karmic test

Sun, planet of light and self, comes together with Saturn, lord of karma, in Aquarius from February 13th to March 14th 2024.

This transit is a conjunction of planetary enemies who function in very different ways, and it’s a lot of work to get the best from both sides. The Sun’s natural energy and charisma goes behind a cloud for a short time when paired with Saturn, and you can’t bluff or just rely on self-assurance.

From February 28th to March 1st especially, you are under pressure of work, and someone in authority may oversee your performance and be overbearing or critical. Don’t let your confidence be affected if you are the new person in a job or unsure of how to move forwards.

This is a character-building transit which throws you back on your own means and demands you keep your nerve up. Prepare also to be given lots more hours and responsibility, even if the rewards are slow to arrive.

Sun and Saturn are squeezed between dynamic Mars and rebellious Rahu through this whole transit, and you are forced to prove that you are capable and resourceful.

You may have a feeling of being used or taken for granted, and the experience teaches you to maintain your boundaries and be strong. A karmic quality brings you a repeating lesson you cannot easily avoid, and you move on only when you have done enough to pass the test.

Saturn is especially potent up to March 8th and lets you think and plan ahead smartly – results may be frustrated, but not denied, and you end up knowing yourself and your needs much better.

February 20 - March 7

Sun, Mercury Conjunction (in Aquarius) ~ Expressing an unusual idea

Mercury, planet of the mind, comes together in Aquarius with Sun, star of self-expression, from February 20th to March 7th 2024.

Sun and Mercury are often found in the same sign, most recently in first half of February of this year, and this transit is a continuation of that pattern, except now in airy, abstract Aquarius.

Together, these two planets create conditions for study and clear communication, in the form of Budhaditya Yoga, a combination for general intelligence and business skill, which you put to your advantage.

You can bring people together, create contacts and make a smart, mutually helpful commercial plan. The Sun is not at its strongest in Aquarius, and you may need to put aside a personally-driven ambition and work for a wider effort.

Mercury, however, functions well in this sign, where you look for solutions with an idealistic quality, and end up with lasting results. Aquarius has a fixed quality, where your thinking and planning can become stubborn and rigid, and you risk losing input from others if you don’t listen to all points of view.

Don’t identify too closely with your opinions, and instead, be open to experiment. This conjunction comes together most closely from February 26th to March 1st, when you have a rather narrow and subjective outlook, and may need a friend to give you perspective.

Sun and Mercury are also squeezed between harsh Mars and Rahu through this whole transit, which can find you speaking up for a difficult proposition, or telling somebody news they don’t wish to hear. In any case, prepare to defend your ideas against criticism.

Choosing the right words, however, gets you credit and you can also draw mental inspiration from an unusual source.

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