Ketu, the planet of escape and liberation, is in Hasta Pada (part) Three, from May 6th to July 8th 2024.

This nakshatra’s symbol of a Hand is associated with craft and skill, along with a careful touch around money, which balances Ketu’s usual otherworldliness. Pada three of Hasta relates to Gemini navamsa, the underlying chart of marriage and good fortune, where Ketu reinforces its current Mercury-ruled flavour and brings you a gift for communication.

You have psychic intuition combined with a clever, curious approach, which allows you to gain knowledge from more than one direction. Your spirituality is backed up with rational understanding, and you can be an inspiring teacher, with a good rapport with your students.

Hasta is also linked naturally to Palmistry, the science of the Hand, or you focus your insight into other divinatory arts, like astrology, which combines natural insight with a mathematical mind. Be careful not to spread yourself too thinly across different fields, however: Hasta’s Shakti, or special power, ‘To Put Power in Your Hands’, works better when you study one subject in greater depth.

The aspect of dynamic Mars on Ketu up to June 1st gives you greater urgency to chase your goals, but make sure you are working to a real plan or purpose. Be careful also if you are in a hurry with physical work, or travelling, and try not to let buried anger spill out at the wrong moment.

Use the rational power of this Mercurial nakshatra pada to gain greater detachment, and perhaps write your thoughts down. Keeping a diary is excellent therapy and gives you colourful and insightful ideas to reflect back on.

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