October 03 - 30

Mars, Ketu Conjunction (in Libra) ~ Compete for a spiritual ambition

Mars, planet of energy and competition, is conjunct with spiritual, self-effacing Ketu in Libra from October 3rd to 30th 2023.

This transit combines Mars’s drive with Ketu’s subtle, ghostly style, which is perfect for work on yourself and reaching an inner, psychological centre. You can practice yoga and self-development, or channel your energy into helping people in a unique and selfless way.

You act on powers of intuition and insight, and pick up on subtle signals from somebody close when you sense they are reaching out to you. Make sure you maintain your own boundaries and wellbeing in this scenario, however.

In Libra, this pairing may affect your relationships or work collaboration, and you can put your self-interest to one side and act genuinely for a shared cause. Shadowy and otherworldly Ketu is also of the nature of Mars, and gives you an eccentricity and impulsiveness which needs to be properly focused.

The risk is to be caught in Ketu’s headless nature and chase your desires out into the world to no great effect, where you can easily become discouraged or confused. Mars increases Ketu’s restless tendency, so it’s essential to act to a plan and have well-defined goals.

Be mindful of anger which appears to have no cause, and take especial care when driving, travelling or exercising, so your natural intensity doesn’t spill over in the wrong place. Keep your motivation up, especially from October 4th-7th when this transit is at its most intense.

A regular material goal may not be enough, and you need an idealistic or spiritual dream that sustain you on your journey.

October 18 - 30

Ketu, Sun Conjunction (in Libra) ~ Take pride in your healing powers

The Sun, symbol of light and self, is conjunct with spiritual, self-effacing Ketu in Libra from October 18th to 30th.

This transit comes at the end of Ketu’s eighteen-month stay in Libra, where it has focused on relationship and sharing, and now calls for a balance between expressing your ego versus taking a quieter, subtler role. Ketu gives you energy and inner drive, but must be focused in the right way and not just pointed in a random direction.

Finding a sense of service is essential, where you are helping a person or group effort, if not always getting immediate recognition. This can be hard on the Sun, which loves to shine and be appreciated, but there is a middle way and also the prospect of a later reward once your work is done.

Use your artistic eye and intuition for people’s thoughts and feelings, and you can be an outstanding support. Art therapy is one way to sum up this placement, where you help others to create and express themselves, and heal yourself in the process.

Make sure your egoless tendencies don’t go too far, however, and people understand the effort you are putting in. Maintain your boundaries, preserve your psychic energy, and know when to step away if a situation is becoming too draining – especially around October 18th to 19th.

Sun and Ketu receive the expansive influence of Jupiter through this whole transit, which gives you an even more spiritual and idealistic approach, along with a measure of protection.

Yoga and meditation have outstanding potential at this time and the lunar eclipse on October 28th is an excellent day to project your will with focused intent.

October 18 - November 16

Mars, Sun Conjunction (in Libra) ~ A time of energy and adventure

Sun, planet of light and soul, is conjunct with energetic, assertive Mars in Libra from October 18th to November 16th 2023.

These two bodies are planetary friends, who work well together and combine their strengths to create you an ambitious leadership role.  Libra is the sign of a mutual enemy, however, where the Sun and Mars’s pushy, outwardly focused natures need to be channelled carefully in a Venus-ruled cooperative style.

Diplomacy doesn’t come naturally now, but taking a more considered view and working around the demands of other people has its own rewards. It may help to make a ‘things to do’ list, and stick to a pre-planned agenda, rather than over-stretch yourself and rush around with restless energy driving you.

The risk is of becoming frustrated and not finding enough hours in the day. This may also lead to friction with bosses and partners, and now is a better window for executing short-term goals than committing to a major decision.

If you are not actually in charge at your job, these planets suit a position which at least gives you freedom to work unsupervised. Sun and Mars remain close through this transit, though come together most tightly from the November 12th onwards, where their energy has maximum power.

You are super-sharp and assertive at this point, but still, try to pick your battles carefully, and don’t let your anger spill over in the wrong place – especially if you are driving, exercising or doing physical work.

Adding an idealistic element to your efforts is also a big help, where you go the extra mile and can set records at the gym and for high-achievement in business.

October 19 - 30

Ketu, Mercury Conjunction (in Libra) ~ Thought and speech with a telepathic quality

Mercury, planet of the mind, is in conjunction with spiritual, self-sacrificing Ketu in Libra from October 19th to 30th 2023.

You think on a subtle and intuitive level at this point, and may understand more than you are able to put into words. Appreciate that your communication isn’t of the everyday kind and you are capable of reading between the lines of every exchange and comment.

While you have great insight into people, without needing to be told, this transit can also make you anxious and given to worry for no good reason. You can blow up a small matter into a full-blown crisis, and let your daydreams run away with you, romantically and creatively.

The gap between fantasy and reality may leave you low or disenchanted, or else you simply can’t focus on the details and reality of a situation.

Focus your thoughts and keep your spirits up. You do better tapping into a colourful outlet than taking a strictly rational approach, and Libran art and creativity let you express your unorthodox views.

You have potentially genius insight when you step outside of regular study, and poetry or imaginative fiction produces great work, and has a healing and therapeutic effect. Spirituality and meditation also come naturally, and you appreciate the effect of mantra-chanting to channel your thoughts and change your environment.

This transit is most powerful between October 19th and 21st, when your conversations take on a telepathic quality and you can anticipate other people’s thoughts and finish their sentences. Still, it may be best to get an outside view on your more colourful thinking and run an exotic idea past a trusted advisor or professional first.

October 19 - November 06

Mercury, Sun Conjunction (in Libra) ~ Time to make a balanced decision

Mercury, planet of the mind, is conjunct the light-giving Sun in Libra from October 19th to November 6th 2023.

These two planets enter Libra within a day of each other and remain close through most of this transit. At first, Mercury is caught up in the Sun’s fiery glare, and up to November 1st especially, gives you a mental restlessness or anxiety coming from a tough choice or issue.

You may feel your opinions are being ignored, or else a big personality is overshadowing your contribution to a job or partnership. You weigh an offer’s strengths and weaknesses and can convince yourself equally of both sides.

Sun and Mercury are planetary enemies, and Libra is also the Sun’s debilitation sign, so the big issue of this transit is to take a positive decision. You can use your gift for diplomacy to mediate a dispute, or intercede for a friend in a romantic affair, where you combine charm with impartiality.

Sun and Mercury together also create Budhaditya Yoga, an auspicious combination for study, speech, and business, which sees you finding creative solutions and ways to strike deals. The Sun sheds symbolic light and inspiration on an area that has been confused or obscured, and you find a way to move forwards.

You take pride in your intelligence and may have ego wrapped up in a novel idea or theme. This is a good time for getting educational credentials and you can cultivate yourself as an all-round learned person. Libra’s tendency to balance every side is boosted by the influence of philosophical Jupiter through this whole transit.

By November 4th you have weighed a matter up long enough and take a decisive position, based on sudden good news or offer of support.

October 19 - November 06

Mars, Mercury Conjunction (in Libra) ~ Dare to speak your mind

Mercury, planet of thought, is conjunct Mars, planet of action and competition in Libra, from October 19th to November 6th 2023.

This pair are planetary enemies, which bring you a restless mind and a lesson in focusing your thoughts in a constructive way. Keep a cool head and operate to a plan, and you can tick off your achievements one by one.

Libra is a friend’s sign for Mercury, but not so Mars, so you may decide that study, reflection and negotiation are better tactics than simply shouting over everybody. Choose your words carefully, especially in an argument, and be mindful the truth doesn’t come out in a harsh or abrupt way.

Stick to the facts and don’t be tempted to exaggerate for effect. You can channel these planets’ energy into activism and protest, where you complain effectively on your own behalf, or take up somebody else’s dispute and become a voice for wider change.

Mercury and Mars remain tightly together in Swati nakshatra up from October 26th to 31st, a window which sees the maximum effect of this conjunction.

You are highly-strung and assertive at this point, and your mental energy is driven and angry, especially as Swati is known for a rather scattergun mental approach, where it’s vital to concentrate on one issue at a time.

Showcase your mechanical flair, with technical and problem-solving skills, and work out an answer to a long-standing question. October 29th sees a powerful influence from philosophical Jupiter on both Mercury and Mars, and your thinking becomes broader and more optimistic.

Use this point for forward planning and unexpected inspiration may arise, along with the will and energy to follow it up with action.

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