Rahu, planet of rebellion and desire, is in Pada (part) four of Revati from October 30th 2023 until January 1st 2024.

This is the first phase of Rahu’s eighteen-month stay in Pisces, which opens a program of colourful contrarian activity with a new tone and direction. Though you may not follow a conventional route at this time, Revati, which translates to ‘The Wealthy’, sits well with Rahu’s materialistic energy.

This nakshatra pada also relates to Pisces navamsha, the chart of relationship and good luck, which gives a double Jupiter rulership with underlying strength for growth and expansion. Prosperity comes from following a spiritual path combined with a smart, worldly attitude.

This strong Jupiterian influence also gives you high ideals and an openness bordering on naivety at times, which contrasts sharply with Rahu’s political awareness and ability to get business done.

Revati’s Shakti, or special power, ‘To Protect’, enhances your charitable instincts and you may be a great donor and supporter of a foreign or exotic cause. Your desire to provide for friends and family is a good motivation which creates wider security.

Pada four is of the Moksha tendency and focuses on your quest for liberation, so yoga and meditation are well-rewarded, perhaps in a faraway or offbeat setting. Travelling or making a pilgrimage is a lively and creative disruption, where you may bond with a form of education that goes against your native tradition.

A guru or mentor figure also proves to be larger-than-life, and you balance belief in their teaching with a sceptical or rebellious attitude. You may develop a knowledge offering of your own, where you embrace your desire to be different and become a voice for change and progress.

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