Ketu, the Moon’s South Node is in Pada (part) Two of Chitra from October 30th 2023 to January 1st 2024.

This pada is also in Virgo navamsha, the sub-chart of marriage and spiritual blessings, which gives otherworldly Ketu vargottama status and an extra underlying strength. Your analytical skills work well as a counterbalance to Ketu’s impulsive, ‘headless’ approach, and you bring rational thinking into your creativity.

In a long-term relationship especially, you combine intuition with an ability to plan ahead, and your partner can be a big assistance when you work together as a team. Chitra’s symbol of a shining Jewel suggests your ability with arts and crafts, and you are drawn to bright ornaments and decoration.

Yoga and meditation for inner freedom is Ketu’s real home base, and you can integrate new learning and detachment into finding an escape from the everyday routine. You absorb knowledge on the level of the mind, but also in a spiritual sense that resonates more deeply.

Chitra’s Shakti, the ‘Power to Collect Merit’, gives the promise of a reward, even if you take an ego-denying attitude at first. Ketu is transiting with romantic Venus from November 2nd to 29th, and this phase sees you with insight into your partner, to a quite psychic and uncanny level.

Prepare for somebody close to open up to you, where your powers of empathy have a healing and transforming effect, especially from November 26th to 29th.

You can also channel your gift for self-expression into extraordinary creative work at this point, and make art an expression of your true self.

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