The Sun, planet of ego and self-expression, enters Sagittarius-Mula on December 15th until 29th 2021, the nakshatra associated with bare essentials and getting into the heart of the matter.

Mula is symbolized by a Root, and concerned with simplicity and an ascetic quality, where you follow a cause or desire for its own sake rather than for business or status. You can explore your specialized subject and become an expert far beyond the ordinary, though you may not get immediate credit for your effort.

The Sun’s light also illuminates wherever it lands, so prepare to receive a flash of insight in meditation, or in your regular routine, where you cut through all superficial business.  This nakshatra is ruled by Nirrita-Alakshmi, the devata associated with scarcity – opposing qualities to those of her abundant elder sister Lakshmi Devi – and is said to be unfortunate for borrowing or investing.

Be careful not to overreach or gamble in a new enterprise. The Shakti, or unique power, of Mula is ‘the power to ruin and destroy’, which suggests breaking down old structures and reordering your routine along new lines.

However, this asterism’s Root theme is ideal for ‘planting’ a new business or ambition, or studying a new subject and watching your pet project succeed long-term.  The Sun is squeezed between the twin harsh influences of Mars and Saturn through this transit, which puts extra onus on you to work extra hard in any situation.

You are impatient to get ahead, but can’t simply rely on solar confidence, and have to prove your worth at every turn. Take your time over any ambition and the rewards will arrive after the event.

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