The Sun is in Jyeshtha from December 2nd to 15th, the last nakshatra in the zodiacal sign of Scorpio, whose symbol is an Umbrella or Talisman.

A light turns on wherever the Sun transits, and especially in this darkest and deepest of signs, you find new insight into creativity, leadership and personal charisma. Jyeshtha is ‘The Elder’, and its ruling Devata is Indra, King of the Gods, which finds Sun, planet of Kingship, at home here as you step up to be a chief or spokesperson.

You learn a lot about leadership and politics, and may be dealing with older people, or be the eldest yourself within a particular group. Jyeshtha’s Shakti, or unique gift, is for Courage in Battle, so you take pride in your fighting ability and inspire others to stand up for a cause.

You may also take responsibility for a friend or family member’s interests, in a protective way, and simply enjoy being involved in a contest. This asterism is also associated with Alakshmi, the elder sister of Lakshmi Devi, and signifies scarcity or lack – so taking steps to promote your cash flow, or helping someone else make money is excellent use of the time.

The final three days of this passage, December 12th– 15th finds the Sun in the so-called Gandata zone between signs and nakshatras, where energy is otherworldly and unfocused. It is sometimes better to wait at this time and allow your plans to take on more solid form.

The Sun also transits closely with Mercury, planet of communication, up to December 11th, which creates a powerful combination of wit and academic potential, but again, it may be as well to share a decision with somebody close whose judgement you trust.

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