Venus, planet of love and art, is in Aries-Ashwini from March 12th to 23rd, the first nakshatra in the first zodiacal sign.

Ashwini is associated with speed and courage, and its Shakti or special power is for Quick Action, so this transit sees you getting started with a relationship, or reacting to somebody’s bold romantic move.

Though Venus prefers balance, harmony, and taking your pleasures slowly, Ashwini is still associated with beauty and flamboyance, which works well at this time.

This nakshatra’s symbol of the Horse shows speed and power, which is also in your favour if you take a chance on a relationship you wouldn’t otherwise dare. Trust your instincts: you can size a new face up quickly, and a heroic streak gives you the courage to attempt a romantic conquest.

Ashwini has manners and personal charm, and is Sattvic and Earthy in nature, and you also show grace under pressure of an artistic deadline and get ahead of your competitors. This asterism’s lordship by the Ashvini Kumaras, the divine healers, sees Venus giving you a flair for the healing arts, both in a personal and professional setting.

You may study medicine and wellness, and your company has an attractive quality for simply making people feel better. You may be attracted to somebody outside your usual type and your romantic choices surprise or even shock your friends and family.

The influence of strict, karmic Saturn, however, keeps Venus on a tighter and more controlled level, which reaches maximum intensity on March 17th to 18th.

Having to work with other people’s limitations leads you to accept boundaries and gives you a good understanding of your bigger relationship needs.

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