Mercury, planet of speech and intelligence is in Vishakha nakshatra across the signs of Libra and Scorpio from November 7th to 15th.

Vishakha is ruled by Indragni, a combination of Indra, King of the Gods and Agni, the embodiment of divine fire, which together create a Phoenix-like deity. You have great campaigning talents and may get involved with a political ideal or outlook.

Between this asterism’s symbol of a Victory Arch and its Shakti, or special power, To Achieve Many Fruits in Life, this transits has great promise, but make sure your ambitions don’t become all-consuming. Your thinking is highly focused and you are concentrated on one particular goal, perhaps to the exclusion of all else.

Use your powers of concentration for studying and research, where all it takes is a fascinating subject for you to become completely immersed. Appreciate others also have their opinions and instead of arguing all-out to win, try to work more subtly and make your proposals a mutual victory.

This way you head opposition off at the start and others want to see you succeed. While preparing the ground for victory, you may confront others with similar desires, which draws you into a bigger political scenario.

Be on the lookout for ulterior motives, or feeling like a pawn in somebody else’s game, and make sure that your business connections are on the level. Mercury’s gift for analysis is sweetened by its closeness to romantic Venus through this whole transit, which gives you the gift of finding the exact right words.

You notice every detail and have a creative touch at work, but also know how to tempt somebody with a great offer, all with a flirtatious edge.

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