Venus, planet of relationships and values, enters Anuradha nakshatra on October 5th until 17th 2021.

This is an important departure where you come down strongly on a romantic issue, one way or the other, after a period leading up where you toed a careful romantic line. Venus operates now by instinct rather than fine manners, and there’s the prospect of suspicion or jealousy, which needs careful handling.

Still, Anuradha is associated with friendship and a collective business style, which is where Venus scores heavily, creating alliances and collaborations on the way to a win-win approach. This nakshatra’s symbol of a Victory Arch, also puts the emphasis on personal success, and your experience revolves around shared goals and making your team all pull the same way.

You step up and take responsibility for the group, and the  need for patience brings promise of ultimate satisfaction. The ruling devata here is Mitra, one of the mythic Adityas who rule friendship, so maintaining relations now is a crucial part of your strategy.

Keep your alliances on the level and apply an even hand to different factions – the suggestion of favouritism can be deadly and leads to avoidable difficulties. Keep your Venusian PR instincts highly tuned and alive the possibility for misunderstanding.

This asterism also gives a restless heart, and if your prospects close to home are too limiting, you seek opportunities further afield, wandering in your career even on a half-promise or venture.

Venus comes together with mystical Ketu through this transit , peaking on October 10th, so you may have a romantic rescue drama in mind, if you have a partner who needs a little help and understanding.

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