Venus, the planet of love and luxury, is in Punarvasu from June 28th to July 9th, 2024, the nakshatra spanning the zodiacal signs of Gemini and Cancer.

Punarvasu’s Shakti, or unique gift, ‘The Power to Acquire Wealth’ sits well with Venus’s luxury-loving nature and gives the promise of material and emotional abundance. This nakshatra’s symbol of a Quiver of Arrows brings renewal of a relationship, where your love life gets a new injection of life and you can bond with someone on a closer level.

The Arrow also brings you a far-seeing and thoughtful romantic style, where you share a philosophic outlook or bond on a level of generosity and freedom. Punarvasu is ruled by Aditi, the Goddess associated with the boundless, so your affections have a limitless quality and offer the prospect of finding a deep spiritual rapport. Your design or artwork also finds new stimulation, or else working alongside a collaborator adds new energy to an old creative project.

Combining your ideas and energy is an excellent use of this transit. Up to July 6th, Venus sits between the soft, supportive influences of Mercury and Jupiter, and you have a great combination of charm, curiosity and intelligence. You are persuasive and can get your own way, and this is a perfect time to pitch an ambitious request that requires a group of friends to collaborate.

After July 6th, Venus moves into the Cancer portion of Punarvasu, and you take a more forward and proactive romantic style. There may be tension between you and your partner’s needs, but somebody is pleased with your total effort to impress.

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