Jupiter, the planet of philosophy and protection, is in Rohini pada two within the sign of Taurus from June 27th to July 13th, 2024.

This luxury-loving, Venus-ruled nakshatra is not the most natural territory for Jupiter, and its earthy and materialistic tendencies need careful handling. Pada two of Rohini also rules Taurus navamsa, the chart of marriage and spirituality, which adds vargottama strength to Jupiter, especially in a romantic or partnership setting.

Rather than rely on your intuition and academic skills, however, you are tempted to compromise and settle for a role or relationship that promises an immediate reward, without looking for more. You prefer solid proof and guarantees instead of seeing beyond the mundane and obvious, and this approach ultimately limits your horizons.

Pada Two of a nakshatra relates to the Artha tendency in life, which is your highest standards of material security and abundance. Satisfying this demand fully requires you to be more adventurous and feed your soul, not just your appetites. There’s more fulfilment in travel, education and adventure, and Jupiter’s true gift is to raise your spirit level and bring more than the sum of the parts.

Rohini’s Shakti ‘To Grow’, emphasizes this quality, where your choices are rewarded and you find greater expansion and freedom. The harsh energies of the Sun and Mars surround Jupiter through this transit, and you may be limited by unsympathetic company where you feel you lack support. Stick to your core beliefs, however, and you win respect in the end, especially when you profit through an opportunity nobody else sees.

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