Rahu in Revati Pada 1 ~ Add exotic to your knowledge

From May 6 to July 8, 2024, Rahu, the planet of desire and rebellion, moves into the first pada (part) of Pisces-Revati, setting the stage for a blend of exotic knowledge and practical application. This transit encourages the pursue of material gains through unique and philosophical means.

Revati translated means ‘The Wealthy’, this phase is ideal for harnessing Rahu’s drive to achieve tangible success. The influence of Sagittarius in the navamsha chart adds a layer of luck and relational dynamics to your spiritual quests, turning your ambitions into profitable ventures or educational breakthroughs.

During this period, consider exploring new cultures or expanding business ventures with someone who shares your vision. Such ventures could not only broaden your horizons but also provide significant learning opportunities. However, tread carefully—Rahu’s conjunction with Mars until June 1st injects a dose of urgency that might push you towards hasty actions.

Ketu in Hasta Pada 3 ~ Use your mind and imagination

From May 6 to July 8, 2024, Ketu, the planet associated with spiritual liberation and escape, will be positioned in Hasta Pada (part) Three. This placement highlights a unique fusion of spiritual insight and practical skill.

Symbolized by the Hand, Hasta emphasizes craftsmanship and a nuanced approach to finances, tempering Ketu’s typically ethereal nature. This phase, aligned with the Gemini navamsha—an astrological chart linked to relationships and good fortune—enhances communication skills, making it a powerful time for expressive and effective dialogue.

This transit particularly sharpens your intuitive and intellectual capabilities, allowing you to absorb knowledge from multiple sources.

However, with Mars influencing Ketu until June 1st, there’s a strong push to pursue goals with zeal. It’s crucial to concentrate on one area to maximize effectiveness and deepen understanding.

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