Do you ever find that sometimes you and your partner are perfectly in sync, everything running smoothly, while at other times just being around them is infuriating?

Have you noticed that a comment which passes without issue one day might spark an argument the next?

Maintaining a fulfilling, joyful relationship is one of the greatest challenges we face as adults.

Try these six strategies to improve your relationship with your partner—think of them as little magic gems that can work wonders in navigating your connection.

1. Mind the 2.5 Day Sensitivity Window

Avoid discussing sensitive topics or potential irritants with your partner during their Chandra Ashtama—it’s a time when emotions run high and even minor issues might be blown out of proportion.

Every month, we all experience a 2.5-day phase where we might feel unusually restless or unclear, making it less ideal for making significant decisions or starting new projects. Instead, this period should be devoted to nurturing your partner, perhaps with a spontaneous warm hug.

The concept of Chandra Ashtama arises from the Moon’s journey through the zodiac, spending about 2.5 days in each sign. In Vedic astrology, our minds are represented by the Moon. When the transiting Moon is eight signs away from our natal Moon (the moon sign from our birth chart), it is known as Chandra Ashtama—’Chandra’ meaning moon and ‘Ashtama’ meaning eighth.

To stay informed about you and your partner’s Chandra Ashtama periods, you can use the align27 app to receive notifications and better plan your interactions.

2. Respect Their Quiet Times

The align27 app features a traffic light astrology system that categorizes days as Red, Amber, or Green and further divides them into Golden, Productive, and Silence moments. To maintain harmony, avoid bringing up issues, suggesting changes, or resisting their desires during their Red Days or Silence Moments. If you must communicate during these sensitive times, proceed with heightened awareness to prevent misunderstandings.

Utilize the align27 app to gain insights tailored to your and your partner’s birth charts, helping you navigate the optimal times for communication and action. This tool is designed to assist you in finding the most auspicious moments for engaging effectively with your partner.

3. Fasting for Harmony

In your birth chart, there’s a point known as Upapada that represents relationships and your partner. This point falls under a zodiac sign governed by a specific planet. Fasting on the day associated with this planet can be a powerful way to strengthen your relationship.

A full-day fast isn’t necessary; you can fast from sunrise to sunset. During this time, you can have juices, fruits, and water, but avoid salt and cooked foods. This practice not only shows commitment but also brings spiritual benefits that can enhance your partnership.

4. Energize the South-East Zone of Your Home

In Vastu Shastra, the South-East zone of your home is pivotal for relationships. It is believed to have the power to nurture and fortify bonds.

This zone is under the influence of Pusha, one of the 45 deities governing specific directions in Vastu, who enhances relationships. Placing photographs of you and your partner in the South-East zone can significantly strengthen your connection.

Additionally, the South-West zone is known for stability and relationships. Energies flow from the North-East and gather in the South-West, promoting stability. Positioning a photo of you and your partner here can also foster a deeper bond, enhancing the harmony within your relationship.

5. Steer Clear of Conflicts During Mars and Saturn Hora

In Vedic astrology, each hour is governed by a specific planet, known as Hora, which influences the energy of that period. Mars Hora tends to heighten anger, while Saturn Hora can bring about discord. To maintain peace, it’s advisable to avoid engaging in potentially contentious conversations during these times. The align27 app can help you track which planet rules each hour, enabling you to choose better moments for discussions.

6. Honor The Form of Lord Ganesha in Your House of Relationships

In Vedic astrology, each zodiac sign is linked to a specific form of Lord Ganesha. According to the Narada Purana, Sage Narada has designated 12 distinct names for Lord Ganesha, each corresponding to one of the 12 zodiac signs. By identifying the zodiac sign that occupies your 7th House—the House of Relationships—you can determine the appropriate mantra of Lord Ganesha for that sign.

Chanting this specific mantra—11, 21, 51, or 108 times—can invoke Lord Ganesha’s blessings for harmony and guidance in your relationships. This practice not only connects you spiritually but also reinforces the astrological influences that govern your interactions with others.

Enhancing your relationships involves both spiritual practices and mindful actions. By observing astrological timings like Chandra Ashtama and Mars or Saturn Hora, you can better manage emotional dynamics.

Practices like fasting, utilizing Vastu principles, and chanting specific mantras to honor Lord Ganesha also contribute to relational harmony.

These methods not only reduce conflicts but also deepen connections, fostering a nurturing and peaceful partnership. Embrace these steps to build a more fulfilling relationship.

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