Sun, planet of self-expression, is in Leo-Purva Phalguni from August 30th until September 13th 2020.

This is the Sun’s domain in its home sign, giving you a natural confident touch, but Purva is also an easier-going asterism than the previous full-on Magha nakshatra and here is more concerned with fun and adventure. You are still the great Solar Hero, but Purva’s symbol is a hammock, showing a leisurely nature, to the point where you may need some prompting to get the party started.

The Sun finds tasks and battles to fight wherever it lands, though your confidence is high and you are ready for whatever comes without expectation. You may be wandering and seeking now, reflecting Purva’s restless and pleasure-loving nature, as you find stimulation and meaning before moving on quickly to the next attraction. Keep your eyes on your ultimate goal and prioritize your energies rather than scattering them over too wide a field.

The Shakti, or special power here is for ‘Procreation’, which suits the all-creative Sun and sees you thinking about family matters, especially if there is someone who comes with you on the journey. Purva’s deity is Aryaman, one of the Sun-God Adityas, which has a special place in Vedic marital rites, so relationships are a particular attraction through this transit – you love the give-and-take of being with someone and discover something new about yourself through partnership. Big personalities are also a natural attraction for you, though also make sure you are not being overshadowed.

Mercury gives mental energy to this transit until September 3rd and you also benefit from the glance of benevolent Jupiter retrograde. These planets give you opportunities in the form of something resurfacing from the past, which the Sun’s courage and drive inspires you to look at again.

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