Mars, planet of action and competition, is retrograde from Nov 13th 2022 to Jan 12th 2023 where it returns over the area it covered through September to mid-October 2022.

Issues from the recent past resurface and challenge you to find a solution, as Mars’s altogether six-months in Taurus is several times longer than its usual stay. There’s an imperative to find answers and take action.

Pick a project that suits a slow build, even though this planet’s naturally pushy and assertive energy needs careful handling: you don’t mind waiting if there is definite progress, but Mars likes to get on with the job. You may begin an ambition or relationship again after a false start and come across stubborn resistance from others, or outright hostility.

A setback proves a hidden blessing in this regard, and confronting a stubborn obstacle draws on all your resources. If an argument or debate you thought was settled arises again, it’s a sign you have to tackle it from a different angle and commit to your choice.

Success takes longer, with many complications, though should prove all the more satisfying in the end. Mars in Mrigashira until December 3rd, the nakshatra symbolized by a Deer, suggests a pursuit driven by desire.

Keep your focus and don’t change stream halfway through, especially if the thrill of the chase gives a tempting distraction. When in Rohini until January 2023, the symbol of a Cart shows you moving slowly and steadily, and acquiring possessions or purchases.

This period may also showcase your artistic or creative skills. Use brain as well as muscle and think of innovative solutions. Even in a conservative, earthy sign, Mars going backwards can overturn the rulebook and see you operating in a sharp and enterprising way.

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