Venus, planet of art and relationship, enters Anuradha nakshatra on Nov 14th to 24th 2022.

This brings a big contrast after a period of treading a careful romantic line, and you come down strongly in a romantic issue, one way or the other. Venus operates more by instinct rather than fine manners now, and possible suspicion or jealousy need careful handling.

Still, Anuradha is associated with friendship and a collective business style, where Venus scores heavily, and creates alliances and collaborations on the way to a win-win outcome. This nakshatra’s symbol of a Victory Arch also emphasises personal success, and your experience revolves around shared goals and making your team all pull the same way.

Step up and take responsibility for a group, though you need to be patient, with the promise of ultimate satisfaction. The ruling devata here, Mitra, is one of the mythic Adityas who rule friendship, so maintaining relations is a crucial part of your strategy.

Keep your alliances on the level and apply an even hand to different factions – any suggestion of favouritism can be counter-productive and lead to complications. This asterism also gives a restless heart, and if your prospects close to home are too limiting, you may cast your net wider, wandering in your career even on a half-promise or venture.

Venus receives the direct attention of Mars, planet of action, through this transit and your test is to find a middle way between self-assertion and giving to your partner. An element of romantic competition makes it hard for you to relax in company, and both sides of an issue may insist on their own agenda.

Success comes when you find a way to please somebody and still feel satisfied.

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