Mercury, planet of the mind and communication, is in Anuradha, in the sign of Scorpio, from Nov 15th to Nov 24th.

This transit gives you a flair for business and networking, and an intense and deep-reaching way of communication, where you are not content with superficial appearances. Anuradha is a softer and more celebratory asterism than the usual tough, Mars-ruled, Scorpio style, and its symbol, the Victory Arch creates a festive mood as you work towards a goal.

This may be connected with writing, media or simply the tone of your voice, but now is a good time to get your message across. The Shakti, or special gift, of this nakshatra, ‘To Worship’, gives you an enhanced faith and spirituality, particularly when you get behind a cause, special person or philosophy.

Take care not to become too fanatical about your views, however. Anuradha is ruled by the Ashta (eight) Vasus, the Vedic gods connected with prosperity and auspicious action, so make your message upbeat and you are sure to attract a crowd.

Mercury travels closely alongside Venus, planet of relating, also in Anuradha through this transit, which gives you extraordinary powers of charm and persuasion. You may be fixed and stubborn in your outlook, but somebody is also ready to be won over by your relentless focus and flattery.

Expand your friendships and plan your next move ahead if you are organizing a meet-up or special occasion. Travelling and going abroad for fun or to pursue the career dream is well-favoured, and goals which sit sweetly with your chosen path are rewarded.

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