Our universe is full of connections. Have you noticed that the different days of the week each carry their own particular energy? Each Dina (vedic day) in vedic astrology is ruled by a different planet. The energy of a particular day is similar to the energy of its ruling planet. Each of the seven days is also connected to a specific deity and, when you honor that divine being with reverence and love, their positive qualities can be invoked within you.

Follow the simple steps below to align with the planetary energy of each day, and get the best out of your week!

Sunday is ruled by the Sun – honor the Sun God, Lord Surya, also known as Aditya.

The Sun is one of the most important planets in vedic astrology, representing soul, father, ego, health, leadership and authority. On Sundays, put emphasis on serving or helping your father, or the father figure in your life. Work on putting your ego aside and make sure you speak the truth, as the Sun rules righteousness, or dharma.

You can harmonize with the changing seasons and rhythms of the Sun by listening to the sacred hymn, Sri Aditya Hrudayam – the ancient hymn to the Sun God Aditya. It was given to Lord Rama on the battlefield by Sage Agastya. You can find it on the Sattva Meditation and Mantras app.

Monday is ruled by the Moon – honor Lord Shiva, the Destroyer and Renewer.

Astrologically speaking, the Moon represents our mind and one of the most effective ways to strengthen our mind, by way of our Moon, is to honor Lord Shiva, especially on Mondays. Lord Shiva is the Guru of Lord Shani (planet Saturn) as they both preside over Time. In fact, Shiva is often referred to as “Maha Kaal” – The Great time. Aligning with Lord Shiva’s powers can help free us from the grip of any malefic planetary influences.

A powerful way to honor Lord Shiva is by listening to Sri Rudram – the perfect chant to listen to on a Monday. You can also chant the powerful mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva, ‘Om Namah Shivaya,’ 108 times, or as many times as possible.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars – honor Lord Skanda, the Warrior and Philosopher God who protects the Devas (Gods), or Lord Hanuman, the Monkey God who is renowned for his selfless service and devotion.

Mars rules qualities like energy, courage, initiative and action. You can find benefit in Tuesday’s powerful Mars energy by centering yourself before dealing with others.

Tuesdays are the ideal time to listen to, or recite, the Kandha Shashti Kavacham. This chant, dedicated to Lord Skanda, creates a divine armor around you for protection. It brings confidence and strength to cruise through any obstacles in life. You can also listen to Hanuman Chalisa, the hymn of forty verses dedicated to Lord Rama’s faithful devotee, Hanuman.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury – honor Lord Vishnu, the Maintainer, who is the deity of Mercury. It is said that Lord Vishnu incarnates on earth in different bodies to make sure our planet runs smoothly.

The Bhagavad Gita says that Vishnu responds to any ritual or offering inspired by true devotion and a pure heart – intention is everything. Tulsi (Holy Basil) is highly sacred and is extensively used in devotion to Lord Vishnu. It is different from the more traditional types of basil we use in cooking, but can be easily found online. If possible, offer Tulsi leaves to Lord Vishnu on Wednesdays or – as an alternative – simply chant the Tulsi Gayatri Mantra, ‘Aum Tripuraya Vidmahe, Tulsi Patraya Dhimahi, Tanno Tulsi Prachodayat,’ a minimum of 11 times:

You can also listen to or chant the Vishnu Sahasranama, the Sanskrit hymn which lists the thousand names of Lord Vishnu. These rituals will help you to access Mercury’s divine intelligence and versatility.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter – honor your own Guru, or the Guru Principle. Guru is the giver of wisdom, knowledge, expansion and luck.

To connect with Jupiter’s gifts of wisdom, optimism and illumination, you can light a lamp or candle within the Eastern direction of your home. If possible, light a lamp with Ghee (clarified butter), as research shows that ghee clears the anahata (heart) and manipura (solar plexus) chakras. Ghee is also connected to the planet Jupiter and is infused with the cow’s nourishing qualities. By doing this ritual prayerfully you can increase the positive vibrational effects in your home, mind and body.

Thursday is the ideal day to listen to the Guru Paduka Stotram – the chant by the Indian philosopher and theologian Adi Shankara, which honors the presence of a Guru, or Spiritual Master, in one’s life.

Friday is ruled by Venus – honor Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, or any of the Goddesses that connect with you.

Fridays are an excellent time to align with the powers of Venus, who rules love, creativity, music and wealth. Venus is the planet that brings us prosperity. To honor Venus it’s good to avoid any obsessive or compulsive thoughts, or jumping to conclusions in relationships.

Although Venus can bring us radiance, sensuality, beauty and pleasure, it can also lead to extremity and imbalance. On Fridays you can strengthen the benefic powers of Venus and remedy any imbalances by chewing some cardamom pods first thing in the morning. In the science of Ayurveda, cardamom helps balance the primary elements of the body, called doshas. There are three doshas: vata (air), pitta (fire) and kapha (water). Cardamom targets kapha balance in particular by acting as a stimulant to cool the body of excess heat, and aids in digestion.

Fridays are a great day to listen to the Sri Suktam – a Vedic hymn honoring Goddess Lakshmi. For protection from any negative influences you can also listen to Devi Kavacham.

Saturday is ruled by Saturn – honor Lord Shani (Saturn).

Saturn likes discipline, so you can honor him by being disciplined in your speech as well as your actions. Avoid gossiping and speaking badly about others. Lord Shani (Saturn) is the Lord of Karma and reminds us that we are born on this planet to repay our karmic debts. Saturdays are a great day to voluntarily donate our time, money or resources to a good cause, without expecting anything in return.

All of nature, including the foods of the earth, have planetary associations. Sesame is connected to planet Saturn. Therefore, lighting a lamp with sesame oil on Saturdays can help manage the negative effects of Saturn and create a more harmonious energy. When doing this, ensure that the lamp faces east from west or west from east. Avoid lighting a lamp that faces south.

You can also listen to, or chant, the Kalabhairav Ashtakam – the ancient chant composed by Sri Adi Shankaracharya. Kala Bhairava is the God of Time. Kal means time, and Bhairava is the manifestation of Shiva, the all pervading divine consciousness. Honoring Lord Kalabhairav is known to remove negativity from our lives and protect us from greed, jealousy, lust, anger and delusion.

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