Jupiter, planet of faith and expansion, moves into Shatabhishak pada three from February 2nd to 16th 2022, the Aquarian nakshatra which associates with healing, mysticism and independent spirit.

Shatabhishak’s Shakti, or special gift, is ‘To Heal’, and its name translates literally to ‘one hundred physicians’, so this is an excellent time to explore progressive treatments and positive thinking in the healing arts. This nakshatra’s symbol of a mystical circle or horizon pictures both containment and infinity, and you strike a balance between these two extremes over the next two weeks.

Pada three of Shatabhishak also relates to Aquarius in the underlying Navamsha chart of marriage and spirituality, which gives your beliefs extra conviction and steadiness. Such a ‘vargottama’ status planet offers you maximum value from this transit, brings good fortune and the best positive Jupiterian qualities.

This pada is also at the central degrees of Aquarius, where a planet is strongest and most stable, so you can stretch your horizons a little further and expect more from your efforts. You still have to work and cannot become entitled or complacent, but believing in yourself has a positive and transforming quality.

Think big, and integrate Shatabhishak’s link with invisible boundaries and occult, mysterious elements, but make sure your goals are realistic and achievable, and not too simply abstract or theoretical.  Aquarius is concerned with concepts and ideals, and you think about the principles to bring to your newly-constructed business or domestic setup.

This is an excellent time for reading, research and further study, as you look into the deeper meaning of life, and combine academic work with a real-world attitude.

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