Mercury, planet of the mind, comes together in Sagittarius with the all-powerful Sun from December 17th to 28th 2023.

Mercury is retrograde through this transit, which sees it moving towards the Sun before the two planets make their closest contact between December 22nd and 24th. On these dates especially, Mercury is burnt up in the Sun’s rays, and can hinder your decision-making and give your thoughts a subjective, even self-destructive quality.

Combustion tends to make you distracted or anxious, and perhaps overly aware of a deadline, outside pressure, or else a powerful personality you want to impress. Mercury becomes effectively eclipsed and invisible in the sky at this point, and your voice and ideas may also disappear from a debate or conversation.

Don’t be tempted to shout or overcompensate if you feel ignored, and if possible, wait for this most intense period to pass. You might also run your thoughts past someone you trust before submitting any bid, idea or job application.

Mercury gathers strength as it emerges from the harshest of the Sun’s glare in the approach towards December 28th, and the protective influence of Jupiter on both planets also gives you extra clarity and self-awareness.

Sun and Mercury, at best, are a combination for a pursuit of knowledge, native intelligence and academic ambitions. The Sun’s bright life-giving force gives you strength and leadership ability, where Mercury’s pure intellect represents speaking ability and business skill.

By the end of this transit you are acting dynamically and making smart decisions.

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