Mercury, planet of speech and intelligence, moves into the nakshatra of Anuradha within the sign of Scorpio on November 30th until December 8th 2020.

Transiting in the same sign as the Sun gives Mercury added powers of concentration and intelligence, and you are focused on a particular facet of knowledge, with the capacity to explore your subject in great depth. Pay attention to a special insight that arrives at this time. Mercury in the sign of Scorpio is intent on learning taboo or esoteric areas, while Anuradha brings the prospect of success. This may include divination, especially numerology, which has a special appeal along with the intrinsic magic of numbers and formulas.

Anuradha is symbolized by a Victory Arch which shows high aspirations and long-range thinking that requires strategy and planning. You may have a scheme to bring friends in on your opportunities and know a way to tie up a particular outlet or gap in the market. Partnerships are important to you now, Anuradha is ruled by Mitra who is concerned with friendship and cooperation, and its Shakti is ‘the power of devotion’. Believing in people can be transformative, while concentrated focus on your work and studies produces astonishing effects.

Keep your favours above board too and make sure any work is awarded on the basis of earning rather than entitlement – look out for a hidden quid-pro-quo arrangement in an unexpected offer or proposal. You may also be thinking about travelling, either being on the road or making plans for a trip away. Mercury gives you the ability to sort out details and also to take inspiration from your journey and produce creative work. Either you are journeying far away or you are surrounded by a foreign or exotic influence in your communication and business interests.

This transit begins with the lunar eclipse on November 30th and brings a sense of rationality and coolness within the heightened emotion of the moment.

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