Venus, planet of art and relationship, enters Anuradha in the sign of Scorpio from December 27th to January 7th 2023.

Venus here operates more by instinct than manners and diplomacy, and any suspicions or jealousy that arises needs careful handling. Anuradha’s ruling devata Mitra, is associated with friendship, so maintaining relations is also a crucial part of your style.

Keep your alliances on the level and be fair, as any suggestion of favouritism can lead to complications. You profit through a collective business style, where Venus is at its best, and create cooperation and collaborations on the way to a win-win outcome.

Step up and take responsibility for a group, though you also need to be patient, with the promise of ultimate satisfaction. This nakshatra’s symbol of a Victory Arch emphasises personal success, and your experience revolves around shared goals and making your team all pull in the same direction.

This asterism also gives a restless heart, and if your prospects close to home are too limiting, you may cast your net wider – you experiment in your career, even on the basis of a half-promise or venture. Venus receives the influence of cool, mature Saturn all through this transit, which takes the edge off your impulsivity and finds you thinking more long-term.

A passing sense of separation may arise on January 3rd, when it’s hard to relate to somebody close, or else you have to balance your social life with a work commitment. The mood soon passes, however, and you can emerge from this transit on a better level together that you started.

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