Jupiter, planet of expansion and optimism, is in pada three of Shravana nakshatra within the sign of Capricorn from February 4th to 18th 2021.

Shravana is an auspicious nakshatra associated with wisdom and learning, particularly spoken spiritual knowledge, and pada three relates to Gemini navamsha – the relationship and spirituality chart.

This Mercury-ruled influence gives an extra focus on the intellect and information, where your academic knowledge combines with spiritual intuition and you learn about the power of speech. Your plans for teaching and writing are favoured and you can either take up a new course of education, or offer lessons yourself in a formal and structured way.

Periods of silence are important too, where you listen to your inner voice and tune out Mercurial chit-chat and gossip. Jupiter can be rather narrow in Capricorn, so go with your heart in your studies rather than second-guess what you think is a useful or marketable subject. You have the ability to manifest your desires, and can harness the power of mantra-chanting and affirmation to make a positive difference, and also learn new spiritual techniques easily.

Shravana’s Shakti, or unique gift is ‘To Make Connection’, and it also has a natural association with Saraswati, devata of wisdom, so her mantra in particular enhances memory and your connection to new ideas. Shravana is a moveable asterism, so you may wish to travel in pursuit of knowledge, or else use this time to study a foreign language or philosophy.

Jupiter is part of a large collection of planets in Capricorn through February, so success lies in making its expansive and life-affirming qualities felt in a meaningful and practical way.

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