The Sun, ruler of soul and self-expression, is in the Gandanta zone between Cancer and Leo and the nakshatras of Ashlesha and Magha on August 13th until 21st.

Gandanta is the double border area either side of the zodiacal fire and water signs and asterisms, which can bring a period of instability for your plans. It pays to think ahead at this time, to have a Plan B, and expect delays in getting your intentions pushed through. 

The Sun is an egocentric star and while you want to put on a display and show your talents, you may find a lack of support and even some opposition to your ideas. The Sun at the end of Cancer-Ashlesha sees your emphasis more on feeling and psychology, where you sense atmospheres and suit your message to fit the mood of the room. This period up to August 16th is also ruled by Pisces navamsha – the relationship and spirituality chart – which puts an extra focus on sympathy and insight, and you gain more this way than from being a classic Solar Hero. After August 17th, the Sun shifts into showy Magha where it belongs and you can be more flamboyant and demonstrative. You act upon plans and insights you have intuited, and your depleted confidence returns with interest. 

The Sun also picks up the influence of generous Jupiter at this time, and your good-hearted instincts support your efforts and make others want to see you succeed. Still the Gandanta energy is still in effect and it pays not to swing too far to the opposite extreme: reckless thinking and believing too much in your own myth. Magha’s Shakti of ‘the power to leave the body’ is associated with the spiritual path, so you may wish to double-down on your yoga practice and create the conditions for a positive inner transformation to come.­­­­

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