New Moon also known as “Amavasya” in Sanskrit is the day when the Moon merges completely with the Sun.

Tomorrow, Saturday 15th November, is New Moon day – and it is a day to nourish your inner self and to meditate and perform spiritual practices, as they are extremely effective during this time.

Diwali falls on Kartik Amavasya, which is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, and is the New Moon which takes place during the holiest month of the year, which for 2020 is November.

On this day during Mahabharata, it is also said that Lord Krishna shared the importance of Kartik Amavasya saying, “this day is very dear to me, if a person worships or honors me on this day, the malefic effects of the planets (Grah Dosh) will not affect their life.

Honor your ancestors on Amavasya

Amavasya is also considered an ideal day for Pitru (ancestral) Worship.

Ancestral worship is an integral part of many cultures in the east. We inherit not just our physical characteristics and behavioral traits from our ancestors, but our consciousness as well.

We are forever indebted to our ancestors, as without their presence it is not possible for us to be incarnated. We owe our very own life to them.

It is therefore extremely auspicious and important to remember and honor our ancestors and express our gratitude to them. The spiritual practices that you do, helps your ancestors to find mukti or liberation and in return they send you blessings in abundance.

Why do we honor our ancestors by Gurudev Sri Sri RaviShankar

The subtle Brahman is only one, yet it is not one. The subtle consciousness has many layers to it. The spirit is one, yet it is many. The whole universe is permeated by the spirit, by Brahman, yet to different degrees.

For example, stones have life and gender. As anthropologists and biologists know that plants and trees can be male or female, so too can be stones. The ancient people of every culture knew this. The Shilpis (stone masons) in India know how to identify which stone is male and which is female. The Native Americans choose certain stones for their worship and prayer program. They do the same in Kauai, Hawaii.

Stones have one unit of life. Water has got two units of life. Fire has three units of life. Air has four units of life. Space has five units of life. Trees have six units of life. Animals have seven units of life. Human beings have eight units of life, and are known as, ashtavasu.

Superhuman blossomed beings, who do extraordinary work, whether it be very good or very bad, have nine units of life.

Furthermore, humans can develop up to sixteen units of life. When we die we become more powerful in some way. We go between nine and ten units of life.This is strange, but true.That is why ancestors are worshiped.

The moment this body drops, the spirit has become free, without boundaries, and nothing can stop it. The spirit moves around freely. If it is bound in the body, you have only eight units of life, you can only reach out to some.When you have nine units, you have a little more power, but if you die, then you have access to the ninth and tenth units, so you gain much more access to the planet.

That is why ancestors have the capacity to bless you. They have more ‘life’ than you, because their spirit, freed from the limited body, can know; can cognize; can bless you. You can feel their presence. So when you pray to them, they can grant you certain boons. They are able to bestow unto you to whatever extent they are powerful. Ancestral worship can be found from China to Latin American countries.

In the Christian tradition, there is All Soul’s day, where you respect the souls and ask for their blessings. This is one of the reasons why bodies are buried behind a church; to make that place more powerful. Ancestors have got one more unit of power, and are called Pitras.

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